Posted by: Xue Wen | April 16, 2008

Chinese name or English name?

I was given a beautiful name by my dad, when I was born – Xue Wen. Xue is neither my first name nor last name. So do Wen. It has to be together, Xue + Wen = Xue Wen.

There is a story behind it. My dad name me Xue Wen, as it is the direct pronounciation (Pin Yin) of my Chinese Name or Mandarin name:

I like the name. Just look the the word itself. Both have the part that represent ‘Rain”… Sometimes it’s just too much water around…

But, in reality, how many people can really call my name, Xue Wen?

I’d heard a lot of others different sound… some time, Sharon, Su Wen… Too many that I can’t really remember. I always didn’t notice that people were calling me… 😛

Sometimes, even my friends can’t really name it correctly…

Can you imagine, when people call my name, their tongue got stuck…

I thought, I better have a change. Just like celebrities have their name as, Jacky Chan, Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Steven Chow and etc… My friend, Candy, suggested that since many people by mistake call me, Sharon, why not give myself an english name – Sharon.

But I don’t really like this name…

I prefer Stephanie…

What do you think? Stephanie Chooi…

or should it be Stephanie Chooi Xue Wen…


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