Posted by: Xue Wen | September 17, 2010

Review for Buffalo HD-PXTU2 Portable Hard Disk… Together with Partition….

I had always wanted to get a portable hard disk, where I can have less troublesome…

Some time, when I was using the desktop PC, where I need some of the informations or data that I had store in my notebook. I had to use a pen drive to do the transfer. But some time the pen drive didn’t have enough space for me to do so, unless I had deleted some files. It really take some time for doing this fort and back.

Recently, one of my colleague recommended me the Buffalo HD-PXTU2 portable hard disk, which is reasonable in price. With shock resistant, software utility and etc…

Finally, I had bought one unit, just that I couldn’t get any other color except for black. The supplier has only black color. Since it is 500GB, I was thinking of doing partition for the drive. So that I can do backup for both my desktop PC and notebook.

Too bad, I didn’t have any ideas how to do so. I had browse internet, even Buffalo homepage. But, couldn’t get much information.

Finally, I had found one article which is very useful and…

I’d successfully make 3 partitions of my 500GB portable hard disk!!!


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