Posted by: Xue Wen | April 10, 2008

Is It Really For Youngsters – The MISS BIMBO?

The newest hot topic among Britain’s parents – the online Miss Bimbo game. It is a new game in which girls as young as nine are encouraged to “buy” their virtual dolls breast operations and facelifts.

The aim of the Miss Bimbo beauty contest game is to become the “hottest, coolest, most famous bimbo in the whole world.”

Contestants who compete against each other are told to “stop at nothing,” even meds or plastic surgery,” to ensure their dolls win.

Children are given a naked virtual character to look after. They compete against other players to earn “bimbo” dollars so they can dress her in sexy outfits and take her clubbing.

They are given missions, including securing plastic surgery at the game’s clinic to give their dolls bigger breasts, and they have to keep her at her target weight with diet pills.

Although it is free to play, when the contestants run out of virtual cash they have to send text messages costing £1.50 (about RM10) each or use PayPal (an online payment service) to top up their accounts.

Bill Hibberd, of parents’ rights group Parentkind, said the game sent a dangerous
message to young girls. “it is one thing if a child recognizes it as a silly and stupid game,” he said. “But the danger is that a nine-year-old fails to appreciate the irony and sees that bimbo as cool role model. Then the game becomes a hazard and a menace.”

I just found out that the site just recently removed the feature of ‘dieting pill’. I was wondering, what is the real effect or harm of internet against youngsters especially kids from 9 to 12 years old. I notice that eventhough some of the social networking sites have a limit for youngster to sign up, i.e. minimum age of 17. But, there are still many of them pretend to be at age 17 , but their actual age are younger, maybe just 12-year-old.
I personally think that it is good for parents to educate children about internet and how they can utilise it.

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