I had always wanted to get a portable hard disk, where I can have less troublesome…

Some time, when I was using the desktop PC, where I need some of the informations or data that I had store in my notebook. I had to use a pen drive to do the transfer. But some time the pen drive didn’t have enough space for me to do so, unless I had deleted some files. It really take some time for doing this fort and back.

Recently, one of my colleague recommended me the Buffalo HD-PXTU2 portable hard disk, which is reasonable in price. With shock resistant, software utility and etc…

Finally, I had bought one unit, just that I couldn’t get any other color except for black. The supplier has only black color. Since it is 500GB, I was thinking of doing partition for the drive. So that I can do backup for both my desktop PC and notebook.

Too bad, I didn’t have any ideas how to do so. I had browse internet, even Buffalo homepage. But, couldn’t get much information.

Finally, I had found one article which is very useful and…

I’d successfully make 3 partitions of my 500GB portable hard disk!!!

Posted by: Xue Wen | August 21, 2010

Taipei, Taiwan… Here I Come…

Can’t believe it… I’m going Taipei, Taiwan, just next week, 7 days to count down…

It all started when my mum told me that both my mum and dad had decided to go to Taipei, Taiwan together with my auntie (dad’s sister) and her husband. But then, last week, I was told that my auntie and uncle were unable to make it to this trip. Their son-in-law wanted to bring them along for family trip to Australia, where he had well prepared for all the air tickets. So, they had decided for the Australia trip and let go of the Taipei trip. It then ended up, two of us, my auntie (mum’s sister) and I to replace them, as not to waste the air tickets.

This would be the first time for me to travel to Taiwan. I’m so excited but at the same time a bit panic.

This time we are not joining any tour. So, no tour leader, no tour guide, no tour arrangement. I was totally blank that where should we start from. How can we fully utilize these 6 days? Where can we get the cheapest but worth staying hotels for these 6 days? My dad just throw me all these questions for me to settle. He is only responsible for the air tickets. That’s all.

OMG! How could he do this?

Well, lucky enough my mum had a rough plan where to visit. And that’s all…

Still browsing online for place to stay in Taipei… 😦

HELP!!!! Can some one help me….

Posted by: Xue Wen | June 30, 2010

21 Things You Should Never Buy New…

Just read an article from the web – 21 Things You Should Never Buy New.

  1. CDs and DVDs
  2. Books
  3. Video Games
  4. Special Occasion and Holiday Clothing
  5. Jewelry
  6. Ikea Furniture
  7. Games and Toys
  8. Maternity and Baby Clothes
  9. Musical Instruments
  10. Pets
  11. Home Accent
  12. Craft Supplies
  13. Houses
  14. Office Furniture
  15. Cars
  16. Hand Tools
  17. Sports Equipment
  18. Consumer Electronics
  19. Gardening Supplies
  20. Timeshares
  21. Recreational Items

However, I don’t think that this really applied to Asia cultures of Asian people.

Posted by: Xue Wen | June 15, 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010, Japan vs Cameroon 1:0

I didn’t expect much from this match between Japan and Cameroon of Group E. I even heard many people predicted for this match, Cameroon will win over Japan team with 1 score.


When I got online, and saw the result, I got surprise for Japan performance. They had won over Cameroon with 1:0.

There’s really nothing is called ‘100%’… nothing is called ‘fixed’… nothing is called ‘expected’… nothing is called ‘impossible’…

Everything is possible, just with trust and believe… Sometime, with some luck…

I guess I need to wait for the replay of this match. Heard that, it’s an excellent game.

Posted by: Xue Wen | June 7, 2010

World Cup 2010 is at the corner….

Four more days to go for the 2010 World Cup that starts on 11 June 2010 until 11 July 2010, which is my birthday… –>> event calender

Four years ago, we a bunch of gals were also crazy for World Cup 2006, where we went to mamak stall to watched for the live games… Stay overnight to watch the games and went to work with ‘panda eyes’… Zidane… and lots more memories…

I wonder… How will this year be…

Posted by: Xue Wen | June 3, 2010

What have you missed out…

How long had I missed out my blog?

It’s already uncountable.

Thinking back… What I had done lately?

What I recalled…

Only a busy life! Busy with work, busy with life… Until I didn’t had much time for myself. I had already missed out a lots of things.

Don’t even ever mentioned about friends. It had been a long time, we didn’t met, we didn’t chat. But… It doesn’t mean that I don’t care.

Dear friends… How are you?

Wish you all have a nice day! Miss you all…

Posted by: Xue Wen | June 26, 2009

Shocking & Stunning News – Michael Jaskson is Dead!

This morning, when I drove my car to buy newspaper at the shop near the neighbourhood, I heard a shocking, stunning news!

King of Pop‘ – Michael Jackson is dead at age of 50 years old after a cardiac arrest. At first, I couldn’t really believe it. But it’s true.

I remember when I was still very small, my dad used to play a cassette of Michael Jackson, ‘Black and White’. That time my brother and I were not clear who was the guy singing those songs. We just enjoyed the songs. When we grew older to know more about Michael Jackson, that cassatte kept in my dad’s car was gone, as the car got stolen by someone. 😦

Before this, I was very excited to know that Michael Jackson would come to Malaysia to have concert. I was patiently waiting for Michael’s concert. But now, it all becomes bubbles. I’d had missed out the first concert Michael had in Malaysia. I was still studying at high school. My parents didn’t allow us to go for the concert, as we were too young for it. I still remembered how excited my high school English teacher, Ms Lily Fu was, after attending the concert together with her daughter.

There’s no words that I  can explain my feeling for it…

Michael Jackson is dead, after a cardiac arrest.

Michael Jackson is dead, after a cardiac arrest.




Remembering Michael Jackson – http://edition.cnn.com/2009/SHOWBIZ/Music/06/25/jackson.career.life/

A Look back at a pop legend’s life – http://edition.cnn.com/2009/SHOWBIZ/Music/06/25/michael.jackson.videos.life/index.html

Posted by: Xue Wen | June 23, 2009

Transformer Revenge of The Fallen…


It’s coming soon… very soon… Transformer Revenge of The Fallen

Tommorrow  will be the big day…

Can’t wait to watch the movie.

I’d bought the movie tickets for friday midnight show, via online payment.

This is the first time for me to buy movie tickets online and pay online. Usually, I’d call to reserve tickets. But I just found out that, if I call to reserve tickets, the seats available for me will be the seats at the front. Total of 6 rows of seats counting from the screen, for me to choose when I collect my tickets at the tickets counter, 45 minutes before the show.

For e-ticketing, I can choose any seats at the middle section. What a big different for tele-reservation and online e-ticketing, for choosing the seats. And I pay the same price plus extra RM 1 for both tele-reservation and e-ticketing

Anyway, glad that I have tickets for Transformer Revenge of The Fallen.

Posted by: Xue Wen | April 21, 2009

New Car Released… Proton Exora

Proton had just released their new car model – Proton Exora.

I personally, think that this is a great model, with reasonable price, around RM72k. From next week onwards, the loan interest from bank for buying local car will decrease about 0.15%.

Here are some features of an interesting Proton Exora:
1. Hydro Forming Sub-frame Technology
2. Dual airbags
3. High Tensile Steel Cage
4. ABS & EBD
5. Electronic control side mirror + side turn signal
6. Intelligent electronic body control programme

and etc


For more –> http://www.proton-edar.com.my/exora/ 

or http://www.proton-edar.com.my/index.php?page=exora 

Posted by: Xue Wen | April 20, 2009

I Won’t Want This Anymore…

I promise…

I really don’t want this anymore… This kind of experience…

Remember last few days, starting from Thursday were really hot. No rain… Hot weather…

Hot weather and no rain, no air-cond were not really big deal compare to my experience, together with my friends.

One of our friend, Dr Li a traditional chinese medical doctor from China, was giving therapy to 2 patients (who are also our friends) at our rented house. The therapy is called ‘Solar Term Moxibustion‘. During it, we didn’t turn on the fan, as advised by Dr Li.



Solar Term Moxibustion

Solar Term Moxibustion


It was almost 2 hours of sweating…

By the time, when it was finished, it was already 12 midnight. We all were thinking of taking bath before going to bed. 

Ah…  Gosh… No water supply….. Ah… Eh….

About half an hour ago, there was still water from tap. But then, here, now, no water…

There were scolding sound around, why no water supply… We were all so angry…

You know…

As usual, when there’s no water supply, or water supply cuts off, you can still get some water. It’s cut off slowly. The water running from the tap gets smaller and lesser. Bit by bit. It’ll just take some times to really cut off the water supply. Usually you get this little time to save up some water for backup.

So that night, it was sudden cut off of water supply.

What we had for backup, for use was only a bucket of water in the bathroom. About 30Litres… That’s all… And that house have to water tank – ‘Tangki’ water..

30 litres water to flush the bowl only… 

Luckily enough we still had some boiled drinking water for us to wash our face and bruch our teeth.

So, we couldn’t take bath… with our smelly and sweating body, we had to go to bed 🙂

Thinking of… Never mind we might still get back water supply the next morning. Then, all things could be settle.

Sun raise…

No water… No water….

The reason…

Simple, some one in that same housing area, digged the road side, causing the the leaking of water from the pipe.




Only in morning that there were people sent to check things out… eventhough we had called up to complain that there was no water supply at 1 am.

What can we do? Wait… for it to get repaired lo…

Still… I need to go to work, thinking of ‘Ok, it’s just only half day work. After work, can take bath.’

Too bad… The damage was so serious that we didn’t even have idea when it’ll get repair.

What we had were…

1. smelly body

2. smelly bowl

3. messy kitchen

4. no water

Guess what?!

We had to buy mineral water to mop the floor, wash the dishes, flush the bowl, clean the bathroom…

Other people go to swimming pool to swim. But, we did an extra-ordinary thing. We went to pay few dollars for the entrance fees to swimming pool, and took bath at the bathroom there. Ha ha… 😀

The water supply came back only after 8pm. Ended our no water supply trip. Thank you so much.

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