Posted by: Xue Wen | June 26, 2009

Shocking & Stunning News – Michael Jaskson is Dead!

This morning, when I drove my car to buy newspaper at the shop near the neighbourhood, I heard a shocking, stunning news!

King of Pop‘ – Michael Jackson is dead at age of 50 years old after a cardiac arrest. At first, I couldn’t really believe it. But it’s true.

I remember when I was still very small, my dad used to play a cassette of Michael Jackson, ‘Black and White’. That time my brother and I were not clear who was the guy singing those songs. We just enjoyed the songs. When we grew older to know more about Michael Jackson, that cassatte kept in my dad’s car was gone, as the car got stolen by someone. 😦

Before this, I was very excited to know that Michael Jackson would come to Malaysia to have concert. I was patiently waiting for Michael’s concert. But now, it all becomes bubbles. I’d had missed out the first concert Michael had in Malaysia. I was still studying at high school. My parents didn’t allow us to go for the concert, as we were too young for it. I still remembered how excited my high school English teacher, Ms Lily Fu was, after attending the concert together with her daughter.

There’s no words that I  can explain my feeling for it…

Michael Jackson is dead, after a cardiac arrest.

Michael Jackson is dead, after a cardiac arrest.

Remembering Michael Jackson –

A Look back at a pop legend’s life –



  1. good of u

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