Posted by: Xue Wen | April 20, 2009

I Won’t Want This Anymore…

I promise…

I really don’t want this anymore… This kind of experience…

Remember last few days, starting from Thursday were really hot. No rain… Hot weather…

Hot weather and no rain, no air-cond were not really big deal compare to my experience, together with my friends.

One of our friend, Dr Li a traditional chinese medical doctor from China, was giving therapy to 2 patients (who are also our friends) at our rented house. The therapy is called ‘Solar Term Moxibustion‘. During it, we didn’t turn on the fan, as advised by Dr Li.



Solar Term Moxibustion

Solar Term Moxibustion


It was almost 2 hours of sweating…

By the time, when it was finished, it was already 12 midnight. We all were thinking of taking bath before going to bed. 

Ah…  Gosh… No water supply….. Ah… Eh….

About half an hour ago, there was still water from tap. But then, here, now, no water…

There were scolding sound around, why no water supply… We were all so angry…

You know…

As usual, when there’s no water supply, or water supply cuts off, you can still get some water. It’s cut off slowly. The water running from the tap gets smaller and lesser. Bit by bit. It’ll just take some times to really cut off the water supply. Usually you get this little time to save up some water for backup.

So that night, it was sudden cut off of water supply.

What we had for backup, for use was only a bucket of water in the bathroom. About 30Litres… That’s all… And that house have to water tank – ‘Tangki’ water..

30 litres water to flush the bowl only… 

Luckily enough we still had some boiled drinking water for us to wash our face and bruch our teeth.

So, we couldn’t take bath… with our smelly and sweating body, we had to go to bed 🙂

Thinking of… Never mind we might still get back water supply the next morning. Then, all things could be settle.

Sun raise…

No water… No water….

The reason…

Simple, some one in that same housing area, digged the road side, causing the the leaking of water from the pipe.




Only in morning that there were people sent to check things out… eventhough we had called up to complain that there was no water supply at 1 am.

What can we do? Wait… for it to get repaired lo…

Still… I need to go to work, thinking of ‘Ok, it’s just only half day work. After work, can take bath.’

Too bad… The damage was so serious that we didn’t even have idea when it’ll get repair.

What we had were…

1. smelly body

2. smelly bowl

3. messy kitchen

4. no water

Guess what?!

We had to buy mineral water to mop the floor, wash the dishes, flush the bowl, clean the bathroom…

Other people go to swimming pool to swim. But, we did an extra-ordinary thing. We went to pay few dollars for the entrance fees to swimming pool, and took bath at the bathroom there. Ha ha… 😀

The water supply came back only after 8pm. Ended our no water supply trip. Thank you so much.


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