Posted by: Xue Wen | February 14, 2009

Free Ticket to T Harv Eker’s Master Your Mind?!

Free Ticket to T Harv Eker‘s Master Your Mind?!


Yeah! My friend bought the tickets for T Harv Eker‘s Master Your Mind‘s seminar last year.  T Harv Eker is the author of #1 National Best Seller – The Secret of The Millionaire Mind.

That time was Jan 2008. The exact time and venue weren’t not yet fixed. When she got the letter about this event, she found out that it crashed with her schedule. She couldn’t make it, so did I. I would like to join if I could.

So, she decided to give it out her 1 ticket for FREE, if anyone buy 1 ticket from her.

YES! Buy one FREE one.

Market price is S$1995.

Since the time is ticking, she wanted to give a discount..

S$1995 —-> discount till S$1595

ONLY S$1595 and you can get 2 tickets.

Anyone one who is interested, just leave a comment here. I’ll get her to contact you as soon as possible.

I do want to help her about it, as it’s a waste that the tickets are forteit.

Here’s the details:

Master Your Mind 

Date : 20 – 22 Feb 2009 (Fri – Sun)
Venue : Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre, Singapore.

Price : S$1595 per ticket. Buy one FREE one.



  1. I just found out…

    There was 1 “Master Your Mind” hosted in Orlando, Flourida, Last October 2008.

    The price was $2995. It’s in USD.


    • It’s the day…
      thank you. my friend had her tickets sold off.

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