Posted by: Xue Wen | December 14, 2008

Termination of AdWords Preferred Cost Bidding..

I just received an email from Google Adwords Team…
It was about termination of Google AdWords Preferred Cost Bidding…

Preferred Cost Bidding is being retired as a bidding option for all AdWords campaigns as of January 26, 2009. This change will take place in two stages:

(1) As of right now, preferred cost bidding still works in existing campaigns where it has already been selected. But it is no longer an available option when advertisers switch bidding types or create a new campaign.

(2) On January 26th, preferred cost bidding will disappear completely. You should switch all your existing preferred cost bidding campaigns to other bidding formats before that date.

Two other AdWords bidding options — Conversion Optimizer and Budget Optimizer — are good alternates to preferred cost bidding. Conversion Optimizer is especially good for those focused on conversions and return on investment, and Budget Optimizer is helpful for smaller users who want to get the maximum number of clicks on a fixed budget. You can learn more about these different bidding options here:

Learn how to change your bidding type here:

If you take no action in your existing preferred cost bidding campaigns by January 26th, those campaigns will switch automatically to manual bidding. The latest Max CPC or Max CPM bids set by the preferred cost system will become your new manual bids. From then on you’ll need to change your bids manually.


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