Posted by: Xue Wen | October 23, 2008

Travel to Harbin, China…

I just got a big and great news….

I’ll be joining our company trip to Harbin, China. The trip will be a 8 days trip, from 23 December till 30 December.

‘Ice and Snow World’ in Harbin

It’s a 2 flight trip, where we need to take flight from Kuala Lumpur to BeiJing, China, and have the transit flight to Dalian. We’ll be travelling to other places like LiuShun, ShenYang, ChangChun, Dalian, and JiLin. Then, from Harbin transit flight back to BeiJing, and take another international flight back to Kuala Lumpur.

Wow… I’m very excited about this trip. I heard that it’s going to be -35 degree celcius. It’s going to be very very cold.

I’m guessing, is normal digital camera going to function well under very cold condition?

Any suggestion?


Readings about Harbin:


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