Posted by: Xue Wen | September 5, 2008

Nice Pink Flowers Looks Like Sakura…

Last week, when I was driving alone back from work, I saw this beautiful scene… Blossom flowers, mixing of pink flowers and white flowers. For the pink flowers, they looked like 日本樱花, Sakura. For these flowers, I totally have no idea what’s the name for them.  


That’s why I took these photos using my handphone’s camera. But the thing is that, I didn’t do a good job, as I didn’t stop my car when I took these pictures. Yes, I was driving while taking these pictures. Don’t ask me how I did it. I just knew that I’d change the mode from 1 single shot to 5 shots at a time, and kept on pressing the button.

Now thinking back of it, this action is dangerous. That time I didn’t really think of stopping my car. Just now, I saw some nice photos taken by my friend of the same type of flowers, then I realize. I should have stopped my car for not only clearer photo shot but also for safety. Thanks to Nicole’s photo reminder…

Check out Nicole photos


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