Posted by: Xue Wen | August 25, 2008

I Didn’t Enjoy The Closing Ceremony for Beijing Olympics 2008… I’m Not Satisfied..

To tell the truth.. I’m not satisfied with the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics 2008. I didn’t really enjoy it…

Because I’m not there at the National Stadium at Beijing – The Bird Nest. If I’m there.. It would be great and fun. But, too bad I’m not there.

Nevertheless, I watched the closing ceremony from telecast of our local TV – RTM2. And it’s only after 8:30pm, that was when the news was over. Half hour great show gone.

Never mind, I can still enjoy the rest of the show…

Ha! Guess what… I couldn’t really enjoy the singing, as the so call ‘Pengulus’ who was explaining about what’s happening, was way too loud…. 😦 Most of the time, I could only hear his voice rather than the singing or the music…

And.. The telecast was just only one and a half hour.. till 10pm…

When I looked at the clock, and back again to the TV, it was like “Huh?! Is that all?”

Anyway, I’m still grateful that at least there was live telecast. At least I did watched that 8 minutes presentation for London Olympics 2012. It was the part that I wited for.. David Beckham… Still I think it was just too short for his appearance. It should have be longer. ^_^

Wow! That guy was just so lucky to catch that ball. I saw his laughing face. Congratulate… He’s the luckiest one..


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