Posted by: Xue Wen | August 23, 2008

BeiJing Summer Olympic 2008 Review – Part 1

Recently, I’m on the heat of watching a TV show.. the Beijing Olympic Games.

But some how, I can only watch the 1 hour summary show at midnight. Most of the live show are at day time, where I’m still working in th office. While during night time, there aren’t any live broadcasting. What I mean is from the free TV channels, RTM1 and RTM2, not ASTRO.

I recalled back the first time that I watched the Olympic games on TV.

It was Barcelona Olympic 1992. That year I was still studying in primary school. I didn’t really watch much of the games rfom TV as I needed to go to bed early. But I can still remember clearly a name – the diving queen, Fu MingXia. That year, when she got her first ever Olympic Gold Medal in 10m Platform Diving. She was only 14 years old, just few years elder than me. She was already a gold medalist in Olympic, while I was still wondering around school.

I guess that why among all the Olympic sports, diving is the one that I love the most.. watching it…




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