Posted by: Xue Wen | August 18, 2008

Be Healthy… Be Happy…

For more than 2 weeks, I watched my friend suffering from pain… Her weight drop from 65kg until 57kg, just within these 2 weeks…

Every time when she suffered the pain from heart, it was like some one was pulling her heart out from her body… She couldn’t really fully explained to me what was it about. I couldn’t do much to help her to relief from the pain she had. All I could do was to get things for her when she needed them.

How long does she still need to suffer it? I pray hard that she get well soon…

I’m really proud of my friend, AB, of her spirit, her will power to fight against the pain. Her advice to me is that, we must care for our body, our health… have a healthy and strong body… a good basic… when something happen, at least we can handle it… fight against it…

For everyone that I know, take care of your body.. have a healthy body…


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