Posted by: Xue Wen | August 11, 2008

What an amazing Opening Ceremony for Beijing Olympics 2008…

What an amazing opening ceremony for Beijing Olympics 2008

Before the opening ceremony for this year Beijing Olympics, there was bad comments about the performance directed by well-known director, Zhang Yimou. People were giving bad comments about the performance at the closing ceremony for Athen Olympics 2004.

What would he his plan? He’d directed many films. How would this Beijing Olympics be presented? I was really curious about it.

As Chinese, as Asian, I want to be proud for this Beijing Olympics. Let people see what China can do.

The answer revealed on 8th August 2008, 8:08pm…

The show was really gorgeous, amazing…

I missed out the early part of the show, as the live show started at RTM1 in Malaysia at 8:30pm. It was broadcasted after the 8pm news. BUt I still like the opening ceremony, the idea, the fireworks, the torch, the lighting up of the cauldron…

Fireworks were originally invented by China for entertainment purposes, as a natural extension of the Chinese invention of gunpower. It’s the reason that I just knew it would be lots of fireworks during the opening ceremony, and it would be really beautiful. It’s true..

During the ceremony, I was also touched by a scene, when Yao Ming bring along with a small kid entering the “Bird Nest”. This little kid is the youngest hero that saved people from the SiChuan Earthquake. He’s just only 9 years old. A brave boy…

The other part of the ceremony that gave me a strong feeling, was during the lightening up the cauldron, by Li Ning. There was a strong energy that gave the feeling of “Om” at the very moment when the fire burn up at the cauldron.

During the live show, I had been trying to catch up where is the cauldron. But didn’t found it. How they hide it? Where they hide it? Not a clue… at all…

I was really satisfied with the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics 2008.

Now, thinking of how will it be like for the closing ceremony? Can’t wait for it…


I’d got some video clips of the firework for the opening ceremony from Youtube:


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