Posted by: Xue Wen | August 11, 2008

A Grateful Day For Me… How About You?

I felt really grateful today…. How about you?

As usual, every sunday, together with my friends, we’ll go to my uncle’s stalk to have Wan Tan Mee, at Sungai Way Pasar as our breakfast.

It was only after I finished enjoying my breakfast, as we were about to leave the place, then I noticed that my handphone was not in my bag. Oh! My handphone was nowhere to be found, whether my car or along the way from my car to the table. No where….

I called my own number using my friend’s handphone… Not a calling tone I could hear… No one answered it… I was fed up… frustrated… I had to annouce I lost my phone… not to be found… someone must have picked it up… My mind started thinking of all the messy things that I need to follow up, like cancel my the phone number, try to get back all my friends phone numbers (saved in the sim card)…

But my friend, Candy didn’t give up. She still continued to call. Finally, an uncle answered the call. He had my phone. He’s on his way to send the fruits to his customer at Sea Park, he’ll be back to his fruit stalk later. I can wait for him at his fruit stalk.

Thank you so much… I can get back my phone… Just that I need to wait for him alone, as one of my friends was rushing to his working place.

As I waited there… I told myself, be patient, be thankful, be grateful… There were some negative thoughts coming out of my mind. Is he really going to give me back my handphone? When is he coming back? Should I call him now and then? How long do I need to wait?

Finally, I met this uncle, and got my handphone back… Thank him so much. He said i was lucky that it was him that pick up the phone. There was another guy trying to pick it up. If this guy pick up, the chances for me to get back my phone would be very low.

We chat for a while, and I found out that he’s a nice guy. There are bad and good people all around us. It was what I realized and deeply felt lately. For those bad guys or those who did bad things on me, I forgive them, but I’ll never forget what happened before. Forgive is to love myself. Why should I bring along the anger that will damage my body, while those people are still enjoying their lifes. I am grateful for those that care about me and help me. Thank you.

The other thing that I felt deeply in my heart is never give up. Never give up and always think of the bright side.

Anyway, thank you to the uncle who gave me back my phone. Thank you to my friends who help me find my phone.

p/s: This is my handphone…



  1. HI There,

    Thanks for this post. What a good example you are! Losing the phone is such a head ache. I once lost mine in an airport and never got it back!

    My daughter freaked out when she called and some random man answered! I canceled the account right away!

    Staying grateful during the daily annoyances is great practice for when tough challenges come around!

    I am glad you got your phone back!!


  2. Thank you… Catherine

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