Posted by: Xue Wen | July 11, 2008

Finally… I’m back on track again…

FInally after few days… I should say… more than one week.. I’m out out track with my PC…

NOW… I’m back on track again… Finally… so thankful…

I’m getting back my PC tonight.. after repaired from a damage of virus attack that ended up with a serious case.. can’t even start up Windows…

I totally have no idea how it happened… with my antivirus porgram installed..

I just knew that it was time for me to renew my antivirus. Thus, I was thinking of changing to another antivirus software. When the new antivirus software was installed, I did a PC scan and there were up to 98 threats and viruses. After the cleaning stuffs… my PC say BYE BYE to me after few start ups…. 😦

Thanks to this antivirus software…  Kaspersky Internet Security

I’m not trying to do any hard sale here.. Just to share…

Anyone with any review of any antivirus software are welcome to post comments here…



  1. AVG Antivirus – Free and has never let me down in any system i’ve ever serviced or owned. (PC Technician and IT Consultant) Hope that helps

  2. necrogami,

    Thanks for the information…

    I’ll try it out in my Laptop, which was also down at the same time with my destop PC..

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