Posted by: Xue Wen | April 25, 2008

Great Celebration… BeiJing Olympic Torch Relay In Malaysia…

The BeiJing Olympic Torch arrived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on 20th April 2008. The relay was on 21st April.

It was really a big news for me. It’s the second time for the torch relay to be in Malaysia after 1964. The first time was even before I was born.

I didn’t got a chance to see it live, but I kept myself right beside the radio every moment. When I heard the live report from the DJs and the screaming from the crowd, I almost wanted to cry. It was so touching… The Torch was here in Malaysia. It was yet so near, but yet so far. If I could be one of them to run with the torch… ^_^

It reminded me of a news about the Olympic Torch Relay. It happened in Paris, where Jin Jing the brave torchbearer protecting the torch. I was amazed by her courage and pride in spite of the chaotic situation. I cried when I read about the news. It was really very touching… It teaches me – There’s nothing to stop me, if I stand strong on my point.

The Torch

The lower part

The upper part

The middle part

The obverse side

Here’s an interesting flash to watch:

Extra Readings:


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