Posted by: Xue Wen | April 5, 2008

Is it Law of Attraction? Coincidence?

j01483471.jpg I’m not sure whether it is because of law of attraction or it is just coincidence.

 It happened two days ago….

 I went to work in rush that morning. I only noticed that I forgot to bring along my house key with me. But, I couldn’t turn back my car and go back home. Along the way when I went to office, the opposite direction was having heavy traffic jam.

Forgot to bring my house key can consider a worse thing, but knowing that after 10a.m., all my housemates would went out for that day. Well, usually one of my housemate, who is a house wife will stay at home. So it doesn’t really matter if I whether I bring my house key. So, it was even worse…

At the end, after I called up my house mate, we decided to hide the key some where outside at the garden.

So, I thought, I’m save from staying outside the house waiting for them to come back. It was settle at that point.

 But some how, my mind kept coming out some ideas like, if it is the case, make sure  thay didn’t lock the gate. If so, I would need to climb in to get the key. Please make sure they didn’t lock the gate. If I need to climb the gate, how do climb in? How can a girl climb the gate while wearing SKIRT? These are the silly thinking I got..

Few hours later, my handphone rang…

“We are sad to annouce to you that….. you will have to wait for us to come home…

Some one lock the GATE!”

I just kept lauguhing and laughing… Oh no! I attracted what my mind said! It was either I wait for them (but didn’t what time they can reached home, maybe 8 p.m. or later 😦 ), or I’ll have to take silly action – “CLIMB in wearing SHORT SKIRT“…..

Oh! Can some one tell me what to do! It’s sure very boring waiting outside…

Well, I was lucky enough.. some one suggested that I bring along my colleague (a guy) go back home to get the key, during office hour. He’ll do the climbing work.

I was so thankful that one of my colleague really followed me back home, and helped me got the key.

Still something surprise me….


Usually when there is nobody at home, we’ll need to get all the clothes under the roof, not hanging outside. That morning was a shinnning day, my house mate kept all the clothes hanging outside.


After I got all the dried clothes back into house and I was on my way back to office, it started raining….

If you knew about the weather for that day…. You knew… It rain heavily….

I couldn’t imagine…

If I’d decided to climb in to get the key myself… all the dried clothes would be wet again and we would have no place to hang all the clothes… I would have to climb in when it was raining after work when I reached home….

I really appreciate that all the clothes were being “SAVE“…

So, should I be happy that forgot to bring my key? Happy that my house mate forgot about the reminder, and lock the door, which was the result my mind attracted? Law of Attraction? or it was just a coincidence?

Well, what I can say is that…

It’s just LIFE….



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