Posted by: Xue Wen | February 23, 2008

Do You Love What You Do…

James Arthur Ray

Do you love what you do? 

This was the first sentence that come across my mail box just now, that really caught my attention. It was an email by James Ray.

 He wrote in his blog post:

james-ray6.jpgWould you do it for free if necessary? Not that you have to by any means… But do you love it that much?

You should… Because life is precious, and you’re literally trading your precious life for what you do–moment by moment, day by day. Think about it…

You spend more time making your living than you spend with the people you love the most.

So find your purpose and your passion, and follow it with excellence. Do for the sake of “doing” versus “getting.” Do it very well, and the money will follow in avalanches of abundance as a by-product.

Your purpose is your love and passion made manifest through action. Once you find your unique purpose in life, you are truly blessed and rare…

So be daring and courageous, for greatness follows bravado, and fate favors the bold.

I totally agreed with it.

I remembered, I had been told before…

“Love What You Do and The Money Will Come”


“Live Your Life With Passion and Love and Money Will Follow”

If I’m wasting my time doing something that I don’t like eventhough it does paid me, might as well I do something I love. Doing something I love to do, I feel enjoy, and happy.

My friend had asked a Lama, why we, human are born. Why are we here? What is the purpose? He said, we human are born looking for happiness.


Here’s the video that James Ray shared about some practical tips on how to love what I do…


ps: The article is originated from here.

Take a free passion test… —>> here



  1. This is so true. I’ve been thinking about a way to quite my job for the last 4 years. But like most people, I need to pay my bills and without solid back up plan, I don’t feel comfortable just ‘jump in the water’. I started my blog last week:, and My goal is to create a community and follow my dream. By the end of the year, I hope to at least work 20% less and devote that 20% to something I am passion about: People!

  2. Dear kadidid

    Wish you all the best… achieving your goals with passion… ^_^

  3. I have been going through this mindset all year. This thought process is what got me starting a blog, with the main turning point happening when I decided to leave my job. Everyday I have been looking to live in the moment now, and listen to my heart. I have begun looking at the ways to live in the present, and let go to my destiny. Thanks for the post.

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