Posted by: Xue Wen | January 30, 2008

Wow… I’m Getting Excited… Nervous…

Wow… Just few more hours to go….

I’ll be attending a bootcamp by T Harv Eker again tomorrow at Singapore. This time, I’m going there together with my partner YinPeng. We are taking night coach to Singapore.

The bootcamp is – Life Direction Intensive . We are going to trained by T Harv Eker himself, as he had committed to come to Asia for this whole year, 2008. Next time the courses and bootcamp might be conducted by other people, his trainers.

I’m grateful that I have this chance to meet him again. I like his way of presentation. It’s attractive.

Just thinking of this, I’m getting excited and nervous…

So, I’ll be away of the computer and internet for few days, and I’ll be back on Sunday to keep you guys get updated. What this Life Direction Intensive is all about…

 Stay tune…

See ya! ^_^

P/S: Get Your Free Teletraining by T Harv Eker – HERE



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