Posted by: Xue Wen | January 11, 2008

That Critical Moment… What Happen…

It had been raining for few days. I am so lucky that today has been a great day, a very shining day, and not forget it is also a hot day as I am having holiday today. 

Crepuscular Ray formation as the rain clouds move over the sun ~ Maui Hawai'i

Different people have different perception of such a day. Some might complain that it’s very hot, and uncomfortable. They blame that this make them feel sleepy and lost interest in doing thing. They are being emotional about the weather. I remember that I did also have this kind of thinking before. But when it is always raining, then I’ll be complaining that it rains too heavy with thunder storm. Thus, I cannot turn on my computer and do my internet marketing stuffs. Some time when the weather is hot, I can be very emotional. I can easily get impatient about thing. I finally figured out that it is all about my own thinking. If I have a positive thinking of appreciating no matter what weather, I will always have a good mood. My emotion is not effect by any outer world factor. I can change my thought, just at that snap of time. Just less than one minute. That critical moment can change everything. 

It all happened like this…

 Since it’s a big shinning day, my housemates and I decided to wash bed linens, pillow cases and curtains. We had finished washing them and got them hanging outside.

But I miss out one thing…

I forgot to replace the bed linens and the pillow cases with new one.

And here come the interesting part, our CD player with speakers came in. This little boy, my housemate’s son started repeating the same sentence saying that I did not get my job done. I did not replace the bed linens and pillow cases with new one. He just kept repeating the same sentence to his mum and his auntie. He just kept on repeating the same sentence when I was getting the bed linens and pillow cases.

I was about to get frustrated and angry…

My emotion level was getting higher and higher. As there is a quote by Blair Singer, “When emotional is high, intelligence is low” I was on my way to becoming an idiot. At that critical moment, I asked a question. 

“You are waiting to help me out in putting on the bed linens and pillow cases, aren’t you?”

 Boom… He nods his head. Boom… There was a sudden change of thought and energy for both of us. This six years old boy and I were happily putting on the new bed linens and the pillow cases. It was totally a great new experience for me. Rather than ending up with shouting and scolding, we were having fun and enjoyment. Now only I realized, it is all about me, my thoughts and feeling.  

Another thing that I aware is that he was just trying to help and getting himself involved in the things that we adults were doing. He was really satisfied by helping to get the job done. I remember when I was studying early childhood education, my teacher told us that children love to get involve in stuffs that the adults are doing. They will model it. This is the way they learn things. Some time, when they are weird behavior, they are just trying to get attention from adults or their parents. 

Until now, I still can feel that critical moment.

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