Posted by: Xue Wen | December 14, 2007

Special Christmas Gift…


Lately, I have this thinking…

Christmas is just around the corner… I know that many people are very busy buying things and stuffs as Christmas gifts to their family, relatives, or friends. And there is a lot of cash out… But how many of us really buy Christmas gift for ourselves? How many of us really pamper ourselves for doing something good, or great job along the year?

This is my one of my awareness during T Harv Eker‘s Millionaire Mind Intensive in Singapore… Pampering ME

How long didn’t I thank myself for being discpline? Did I reward myself for doing a great job? Did I say thank you to myself for all my hard work in creating my own passive income?

NO… I had been always saying there’s not enough.. Even I had done a great job, but I still focus on those tiny little mistake. I didn’t celebrate my own success. I didn’t let ME have the feeling of being successful.

I now realised that I’m just too hard on ME, MYSELF. Among all the human in the world, who is the most important? ME… If I didn’t take care of myseelf, my body, my emotinal, my inner.. I’m not going to do well in the outer world.. How can I help others if I can’t even help myself…

Harv awared me about this… Pampering ME..

Buying gift for myself during special event or special date or special holiday, it’s bad at all. My own suggestion is to buy something that can be use over and over throughtout the year 2008 and beyond. Something that can educate me..

So, what would it be the best gift for you or me? You sure know… ^_^

P/s: Here’s a great Christmas gift idea — “Think and Grow Rich” box of secrets… and I have arranged for you to receive it for a full 40% off… only $97, but it’s only until December 24th while supplies last:

The Secret of Deliberate Creation — Christmas Special


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