Posted by: Xue Wen | December 7, 2007

ASK… and You Shall be Given…

One of my friend, YinPeng wrote at her blog: 

I just finished my conversation with one of my partner speaker, Patricia Foong. Her expertise is child care education. She shared with me, she was wondering how to get to know what the market really wants? What are the parents understanding of child care, or early childhood education? What are their problems about child care or early childhood education? She said she can’t just depend on her own expectation and prediction.

I shared with her what I learnt from the marketing gurus, i.e. everything starts with “ASK” – the ASK METHODOLOGY. When you ask your market, your market will feed back to you, what they want. I remembered a saying, “Ask and you shall be given”.

She agreed, but she had very little feedback as she can only ask those people that she met or reached. If just by asking people that I personally can reach them, it’s very limited and time consuming. That’s what I agreed with Patricia, using this way of ‘Asking‘ or surveying, is really time consuming. We have to ask in a smart way, an easier and faster way. I told her about the “ASK” tool. I personally had been utilizing this tool for quite some time. It helped me in finding my market and even my content for a teleseminar.

This reminded me of something reagarding “Ask“. When I was young, my teachers always don’t allow us to ask them a lot of questions. They thought that it’s very troublesome and distracting them from teaching during classes. I had to sat aside and quitely listened to their teaching… But, I think it was one of the reasons that caused me having the habit of seldom ask and discuss…

It was only after I started working, I realised that it’s that important to know how to ask. Only ask, then I know. Never ask, never know. If I want to improve myself and gain more knowledge, I have to ask. Never ask, people will expect that I understand…

Because “ASK“, I can learn lots of new things…

Just like what I shared with Patricia, by “ASKING“, I can understand this market, improve relationship, create new products, meet new friends, new partners, and more. There are a lot of benefits by just only “ASK“.

Brave to “ASK” … ^_^ Always ASK, and you shall be given. Ask the universe… Ask the audiences… Ask the market…

 I totally agreed with her. Asking is one of the thing that I’m learning. It’s not just about simply ask, it’s about asking wisely. How to ask is very important.

 Sometime when ask the wrong question to a wrong person can give different answer, not the expected answer.

So, remember to ask wisely and ask the right question to the right person and at the right time…. ^_^


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