Posted by: Xue Wen | December 6, 2007

Attention! Here Are The 4 Most Humiliating Mistakes That You Should Avoid…

Have you ever host a teleseminar?

Some people are hosting their teleseminars, sometimes they are too careless to have some silly mistakes. These mistakes can decrease the rates of tele-registrants coming to the call and listen to live. These can also lead people drop off the call. Sometimes these mistakes can be very small, but they are still important to be noted before or during the call. Avoiding these mistakes can help you build trust with your tele-registrants, help your listeners develop their habits of listening to your LIVE teleseminar.

Here I share 4 mistakes most humiliating mistakes made when hosting teleseminars:

1.) Didn’t provide the correct date and time

Date and time of the teleseminar are the most important features on the website. Giving the wrong date and time, will result in situation where there is speaker no audiences or with audience but without speaker.

2.) Didn’t provide the exact dial-in number

When a dial-in number is provided at the thank you page after the registration page of the teleseminar, the tele-registrants will take down the dial-in number. During the live event, when they want to get into the call, they fail to do so, as the dial-in number provided wrong.

3.) Give the wrong passcode

There are some teleseminars that don’t need to enter the passcode. If you need people to give the passcode as to listen to the teleseminar, passcode is another important feature for a teleseminar. Typing the wrong passcode at the thank you page can block your tele-registrants to fail to dial-in for the call.

Some times, if the passcode provided is correct, but it is the passcode for the host not the guests. Your guests can still dial-in successfully and listen to your teleseminar. But if they didn’t mute their phone, that telesminar will be a noisy call, having a noisy background. Your audiences can be listening to your call at any places, like bedroom, living room, or even kitchen.

4.) No Opt-in Page

An opt-in page or a shy-yes page or a squeeze page, is a page where people get registered to teleseminars. This is where you can build your highly responsive online database. Your list is your most treasure asset for your online business.

I learnt all these from my Guru, Alex Mandossian through his “Teleseminar Secret” training. Amazing! His 8 modules training included almost everything about “Electronic Marketing“.

Go to, you will know more and more about “Electronic Marketing“.


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