Posted by: Xue Wen | November 30, 2007

Save This Date, 6 December 2007 on Your Calendar…

Save this date on your calendar, 6 December 2007

I had made up an agreement with my guru Alex Mandossian. It’s going to be a great deal.

 Alex is launching soon his yearly big Teleseminar Event, Teleseminar Secrets Reveal. Before the launch date, he’s going to have his tele-training call or preview call for this coming big event. It’s going to be a $97  tele-training call. Since I was his student for his last year event and his colleague this year, I had made a deal of having $77 off the normal preview call price. It’s only a $20 tele-training call.

I can guarantee that Alex’s teleseminar will be fulled and packed of informations, ideas. He had always delivered lots of content, or his term, context.


In just 90 minutes, you’ll discover:

->> 8 advantages whenever you conduct teleseminars so you too can win more sales at the speed of sound

->> embarrassing mistakes most telemarketers make DURING their teleseminars and how you can avoid them

->> 9 common mistakes most telemarketers make BEFORE teleseminars and how to easily side-step them forever

->> Alex’s 7-Step Plan to quickly triple your passive income as an “Tele-Interviewer” of industry leaders

->> 4 closely-guarded teleseminar Case Studies that generated 6-figure profits with little human effort

->> 5 core attributes to find low-cost reliable vendors for sales copy, winning website designs and much more!

->> 11 sneaky low-cost secrets so you will repeatedly and automatically build your own highly responsive online list(s) from scratch!

And much, much, much more!!

Remember to get your discount code from me and attend Alex‘s this valuable tele-training call.


I’ll see there…

p/s: Remember also to claim your FREE live recorded mp3 “How to build a highly responsive online list?” –>>


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