Posted by: Xue Wen | November 22, 2007

What’s Your “Illusion”?


I recently watched the movie “Illusion“. It’s directed by Michael Goorjian and starring Kirk Douglas in the role of his lifetime. It’s one of the movie that I received from Spiritual Cinema, for the month of May 2007.


Kirk in this movie, is a famous and successful director in Hollywood. But he’s sick and weak when he’s old and alone. The day before he die, someone interviewed him and asked him “What is love to him?”. This kept him think of his past time, how crucial he is when he abandon his only child.

During night time,he was shown by his friend who had die earlier, his whole life’s video. But it wasn’t all his video, but mostly his son’s life video. How his son run away from responsibility? How his son always hear his father voice?

For his son video, almost at the end that his son die. Kirk was just screeming for help as to stop the killing of his son. “Help.. Help my son… I love my son.” He never thought that his action deeply affect his son behaviour that bring death to his son. He then realised how much he loves his son. He wanted to help his son, changing his destiny… It was so touching that Kirk was being given a second chance to have a small change in his son life.

When he woke up, he sent somebody to look for his son. Because of this, his son was saved from being killed.

How powerful it is – LOVE… Be truth to myself…
These are the inspiration that I got from this movie.

This also kept me think of 1 sentence that I heard from another inspiring movie from this circle, “FIVE WISHES“.

It sound like this… If you are on your death bed, where you are dying, someone come and visit you. He ask you this question, “Is your life a successful one? If not, what is that one thing that is missing as to make your life a successful life?”

Just like Kirk in “Illusion“, when lying on his death bed, he think of his son, LOVE, is the thing that is missing.

What a coincidence that Michael Goorjian is the director for both inspiring movies – Illusion and Five Wishes.


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