Posted by: Xue Wen | November 20, 2007

Get Your 5 List Building Strategies that are all FREE!

For the business, no matter online or offline, list building is very important. I just want to share some list building strategies that I learnt from my Guru, Alex Mandossian.

Here are the 5 list building strategies that are free. These can be applied instantly.

1. Ezine Advertising
Ezine is an electronic magazine. As for Ezine Advertising, it can be free or fee-based, that leads to an offer of free or fee stuffs.

2. Online or Offline Articles
Article is an editorial story where anyone can write about any topic, voice or content. These articles can be submitted to magazine, online magazine, ezine directory, and blog. It is use to build traffic to a call-to-action be a bride or ethical bride like ecourse, ebook and teleseminar.

3. Business Card
Business card is an important feature when involve in a networking session, containing a person contact and information on his job. At the back of the business card, you can put an offer to get people take action.

4. Blog Post
You can post at your blog about any upcoming live teleseminar or even a replay. You can easily set up a blog by signing up at, or others, and it’s free.

5. Tele-replay
If you had a teleseminar, and you are offering the replay for free, you can have a Tell-a-friend script or button at the replay area.

All these 5 FREE list building strategies can be applied instantly to create your online list from scratch.

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