Posted by: Xue Wen | October 10, 2007

Remember to take this quiz…

I had set up a quiz, a wealth quiz to discover one person own personal wealth path of least resistance.

This was based on what I’d learnt during the 3 days of Roger Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics Experience. It’s set up based on my own experience. I cannot say that it’s 100% accurate but it’s well worth it to try out the quiz, as to find out about one own wealth frequency and own wealth path. As the more accurate way is to take a USD 100 Wealth Dynamics Test.

What I learned is that for one person to be wealthy, first he should know about his wealth frequency. When he is in the flow or the frequency, he’s happy, money will come to his way.

Just like one of my friend, when I share this quiz with her, both of us were really amazed how the quiz answer matched with my friend’s situation. She’s a Master degree holder in the field of Biotechnology. Eventhough she never voiced up, but I can feel that she’s not that happy and satisfied working as a Research Assistant. She didn’t accumulate much wealth. But when she start her part time job as a mutual fund agent. Thing changes. I can know that she’s happy with it, energetic when talking about mutual fund.

 From the quiz, I knew that she’s more towards a TRADER profile. It really matches her. When we are working in our flow, we can just easily build our wealth. Wealth is not really about money, but it’s about what is left when we loose all the money. Wealth is the multiply of both value and leverage.

To find out about the wealth quiz


To take the USD 100 Wealth Dynamics Profile Test



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