Posted by: Xue Wen | October 6, 2007

Is he right?

Have you downloaded Rusell Brunson’s IM Myth (Internet Marketing Myth)? I personally highly recommend to read this report.


But before I go further, have you notice that Russell is giving me and anyone
that refers the report away a $1 for a referral and $0.50 on the second level.

So if you signed up a person with a big list, and they got 1000 people, you would make:
$1 – for your 1 referral
1000 x $0.50 = $500
Total = $501

Now, before you think I am promoting this because I will make a buck off you.. That is not the case. In a sense that it’s true, only you want me to make it through the Dollar menu, by using my link or

Use this link to get the report and notice it is my affiliate link so I get tracked.

But for me,  if you do not want me to make a buck off the download, simply go here..


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