Posted by: Xue Wen | October 4, 2007

Is Internet Marketing A Myth?


I’ve taken a lot of internet marketing courses and read a lot of ebooks. Most of them talk about the same :–Sign up for an autoresponder
–Create a squeeze page
–Create a series of emails
–Rinse and repeat

You can make a LOT of money doing this…don’t get me wrong.

But you can make a lot more if you start harnessing offline marketing in your business.

You see, online marketing is preached as the “holy grail” of marketing.

But ask the big information marketing powerhouses like Agora, Boardroom, and Weiss where the REAL money is made. They absolutely clean house offline…humiliating any online marketer who comes in their path. 

Here’s the deal: Millionaire internet marketer Russell Brunson has just released a special
offline report: “The IM Myth” where he shatters the myth that internet marketing is the “be all-end all” of marketing.

You can check it out here:

Believe me, this stuff is the real deal. The marketers who absolutely annihilate their competition are the ones that incorporate offline marketing into the mix.

So check out Russell’s report today before you’re competition discovers it.

P.S. One of Russell’s tips he reveals is how he moved his offline list online. This absolutely blew me away, and is something I’m going to implement in my own business immediately. So get it today, right now, while it’s still on your mind.     


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