Posted by: Xue Wen | September 23, 2007

What comes after No. 29?

I had just spent some time finished a book WINK by Roger Hamilton. Or should I said, I had just wisely invested my time in learning to create my own wealth.

Roger adviced in both his foreword and afterword, that this is not an ordinary story. The real story isn’t in the story, but is a magical story behind the story, waiting to be revealed. That means it only comes out to play in a repeat reading. I’m sure going to repeat it.

There’s a part that written as “There are 4 levels of communication, exchange, connect, motivate, and inspire. The quality of communication is the quality of life. We choose to be in which level.” I then only knew that I had always been in exchange and connect levels. This made me decide that I want to be in the inspiring level. This also remind me of this saying, ‘For the world to change, first I must change.” As to inspire others, first I must inspire myself.

I had collected 29 inspiring quotes from this book WINK, and I would like to share it with others.

Here’re the 29 inspiring quotes  from WINK:

 The 29 Inspiring Quotes from “WINK ”

Roger Hamilton

1.      Think it, ink it, do it, review it.

2.      Choose the level you want to play at.

3.      What you see is always what you get.

4.      Ask and you shall receive.

5.      Learning is a game.

6.      Invest more of your time. Spend less of it.

7.      Invest more of your money. Spend less of it.

8.      You Well is in your Words.

9.      Wealth is the beginning, not the end.

10.  Sow, nurture, reap.

11.  Your passion is your compass.

12.  To know and not to do, is not yet to know.

13.  Value is the river in which Wealth flows.

14.  Become an inspired work-in-progress.

15.  Plan to fail.

16.  See the Wood from the Trees.

17.  Opportunities lie in every moment.

18.  The key to leverage is how you use it.

19.  Sustainable wealth follows a rhythm.

20.  Time is your most precious asset.

21.  Harmony is the Foundation of Wealth.

22.  Time has seasons.

23.  It’s not just what you do, it’s when you do it.

24.  When you resonate, you accumulate.

25.  You settle for you standards.

26.  A Five Star life is easier than a Two Star life.

27.  Your environment is your playground.

28.  You are the result of your choices.

29.  Water always finds its level.

So, what comes after No. 29?

It’s for you and me to think about it..

Listen to the audio of this post..  

p/s: You can download the 29 WINK inspiring quotes here



  1. As someone who’s done the Wealth Dynamics 2 day course, I can recommend WINK as a nice gentle introduction to the subject, and to the entrepreneur mindset.

    In terms of answering the question “What comes after number 29?” there are definite clues in the book and the audio; there is sufficient information to work it out.

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