Posted by: Xue Wen | September 11, 2007

Meeting Roger Hamilton again…

Last weekend was a really exciting days!!!


I met Roger Hamilton again in Malaysia after NAC (National Achiever Congress) in May 2007. This time was in Holiday Villa.

During NAC, Roger and his team offered a great charity deal, where I pay for the Wealth Dynamics Experience Program, and the money will go to charity. And it’s all the money. At that point I really didn’t have any idea what the program is. I was thinking, it’s worth for donating the money and at the same time I can attend the seminar.

Then only during the event, I got to know that the money go to WWF. That’s really great. I personally participate in the monthly sponsorship by WWF. I have always grateful for what WWF is doing.

During the WDE, that 3 days, I really got amazed by Roger. The way he speak was really funny. It’s really worth it to attend the program. I found out my wealth profile to be a supporter. It meant more the the word. As Roger said, different people get wealthy in their own flow of their wealth profile. There are 8 wealth profiles, Creator, Star, Supporter, Deal Maker, Trader, Accumulator, Lord, and Mechanic. Bill Gates is a creator, while Warren Buffet is an Accumulator, where they have their wealth in a different way.

This only keep me of thinking, how am I going to get wealthy being a supporter, in the thing that I really passion. I’m going to ask lots of questions about “who”.. ^_^


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