Posted by: Xue Wen | April 3, 2007


Persistance” for me, is something like consistantly doing that thing and never give up…

But how many people can really carry out this word thoroughly – “Persistance“? How many of us can really understand it?

What I really understand is that because of Persistance, people have their desire come true. It is that important to be Persistance.

I started realised this when someone told me why all those successful people are that successful, because of Persistance. They never give up on their dreams, their desires. Just look at Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Li Ka-shing and many richest person in the world. They all have one most common character – being Persistance.

In Volume 6 of Wednesday Postcard, I share about “Persistance“. Do remember to print out the notesheet, as you can follow the audio post easier.


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