Posted by: Xue Wen | March 31, 2007

Last February… Conversation with God

Time really passed by very fast… Tomorrow will be a new month – April. Oh! And it’s also April Fool… Have fun!

I’d just finished watching the DVD that I received from Spiritual Cinema Circle for last month, February. The “Conversion with God” was really really touching, and go right into my heart.

That one sentence that stick into my heart not my mind is “You are not alone”. That really give me confidence… and aware me… I’m not alone… I’d always scare being alone and in dark places.

I remember I’d an experience when I was lost and left alone in a strange place. That inccident happened when I was only 4 years old, followed my auntie to a place. She didn’t notice that I wasn’t around her, until quite a long time. Lucky enough I was found.. But still don’t like the feeling of being abandoned…

But after watching, “Conversation with God“, I realized I never abandon by anyone.. The only person that can abandon me is myself. It was really match with what happened to me lately.

No matter where the abandonments from, it don’t really hurt much. But it’s real pain if I abandon myself. Neale never abandon, never give up himself. That is why when oppurtunity appear, he is ready for it…



  1. I’ve watch “Conversations with God”, it’s a really inspiring show. It’s touching. My tears came out when I saw Neale started eat the burger which he got from the dustbin. What I learned from this show is “LOVE”, that mean everything come from my heart.

    I’m really appreciate that I’ve the chance to watch this movie, and I believe that I will watch it again and again.

    Yeah! I’ve started read “Conversation with God” book 1.

  2. Was that a movie that was in the cinemas or where can I get it. I remember somebody telling me about it but I forgot why they were, it seems like a good movie from your review as seen through your own eyes. Thanks for it.

  3. The movie was released in US last year..
    It’s from the book, with the same name, ‘Conversation with God’. I’m just glad that I received the DVD of this movie.. being as a member of spiritual cinema circle.

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