Posted by: Xue Wen | December 30, 2006

Year End… Happy New Year…

I had always dislike the time when it’s year end, holidays, the time around Christmas and New Year…

For quite some years, there had always been some big tragedies happen around this time, like tsumani last year. This year we have the Taiwan Earthquake, flood in Aceh, Jakarta. For even the country I where I live, Malaysia, also had terrible flood over 6 provinces. Thousands of people were suffering from the flood, no clean water, no food and many more… 😦

But I’m so grateful and thankful that, all these lead to something that really warm and touch my heart. The people around us.. Those that go around and help. People are giving helps through donation, rescue, foods, clothes…

Thank you… ^_^ to you all…

Year 2007, a year of peace and harmony.. A year full of prosperity.. May you and I be HAPPY.. ^_^


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