Posted by: Xue Wen | December 30, 2006

Taiwan Earthquake…

Woo.. That earthquake was really a BIG BIG BIG shock to me…

I couldn’t access to the net… Eventhough until today, I can easily get into google and yahoo. But not others 😦

Some websites, I need almost half an hour to get it fully loaded. And that’s really frustrated…

For Asia, the internet connection was affected by the Taiwan Earthquake.

China Telecom has confirmed that, according to China institute of earthquake monitoring, at Dec 26, 20:26-20:34 Beijing Time, 7.2 and 6.7 magnitude earth quake have occurred in the South China Sea. Affected by the earthquake, Sina-US cable, Asia-Pacific Cable 1, Asia-Pacific Cable 2, FLAG Cable, Asia-Euro Cable and FNAL cable was broken and cut up. The break-off point is located 15 km south to Taiwan, which severely affected the International and national tele-communication in neighboring regions.

It was also reported that communication directed to China mainland, Taiwan, US and Europe were all massively interrupted. Internet connection to countries and region outside of China mainland became very difficult. Voice communication and telephone services were also affected.

China Telecom has claimed that due to the aftershock of the earthquake, the repairing works would be very tough. In addition undersea operation is also not easy to handle with. So this phenomenon is going to exist for certain period.

Just hope that it would be fixed as soon as possible.. ^_^

Here’s a link for further report on this Taiwan Earthquake.

Affirmation for today:

I am in the RIGHT time at the RIGHT place.


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