Posted by: Xue Wen | December 4, 2006

Finally, I Got My 1st Spiritual Cinema Circle Movies…

On 27th November, 2006, my housemate, who is a homemaker, called me up when I was still in the office. She asked me, whether I bought any DVD that delivered tohouse. I was still scratching my head thinking of “Huh?! What DVD?” I can’t really remember.

But when I reach home, and saw the Envelope, I was surprised and excited. Finally, my first set of the spiritual movies had arrive my house.

Here’s a picture of that — my first view of the films.

The envelope..

Inside the envelope was the DVD with all the 4 films, together with a certificate for joning the circle, some brochures, and also… surprisingly aslo an Organic Popcorn. It’s just so sweet. They know that I need some snack when watching movies.


 The 4 films in DVD… The DVD…

The Organic Popcorn  The Organic Popcorn…

The Spiritual Membership certificate…  The Membership certificate for joining the Spiritual Circle..


The full set…

The full set..


On the same day, I watched the DVD with few of my friends. The DVD includes: Di Algo, Heyday, Audrey & Einstein, and Un Buddha. It’s a bit strange for me to watch the 1st film, Di Algo, as it’s in Spanish. And I don’t speak, and understand any spanish.


“Un Buddha” is also in Spanish with English subtitles. It’s 110 minutes. This movie was very meaningful, eventhough I just only understand a certain part, for the first time. I’ll be re-watching it again. It educates on the Zen philosophy while bringing a human face to faith, love and healing.


Come and join me, for your own inspiring movies that stir your soul and warm your heart. You can have your trial membership for FREE, for the first month.


Enjoy your journey of an inspiring spiritual path..


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