Posted by: Xue Wen | November 18, 2006

Your Thoughts Create Your Future!

Woo.. The 2nd Part for “The Secret” with Larry King Live was totally Fantastic!!

I’d always love to watch and listen to Jack Canfield. I’m not regret that I did watch the show.

If you missed out “The Secret” with Larry King Live Part 2 on 16 of November, again, you actually still have your last chance. You still can listen and watch how Larry interview Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale, James Ray, Jayne Payne, and Dr George Pratt on Larry King Live, The Power of Positive Thoughts.

How? Very Simple.

Simply just click here –>>

It’s a replay video and it’s going to be opening for 7 days only for reveal, which is until 24th November 2006. So, you all have to be quick in action!

Don’t miss it again, clilck NOW –>>

The video is about 9 minutes. You can also view the transcript for this show, The Power of Positive Thoughts.

Just click here for the transcript:

Good Day to EVERYONE! ^_^



  1. Dear Xue Wen,

    Thank you for your blog. I have watched “The Secret” and having my own spiritual journey too.

    Most importantly, we must have tap into the Power of Gratitude so that we can harness Law of Attraction more effectively.

    I have a gift for you, There are also some free ecards that you can send it to your loved ones. Hope you like it.

    Love and support,
    Ken Chee

  2. Dear Ken Chee,

    Hi! Happy to hear that you have started your spiritual journey, feel great right?

    Since you’ve started your journey, I highly recommend you join the spiritual circle. You will feel great, grateful and thankful during the whole journey!

    Click NOW–>>

    Wow! I feel excited to share all these with the world!

    Thank you.


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