Posted by: Xue Wen | November 15, 2006

My Dream Comes True….

I had always dream of having a library full of inspiring materials like books and movies. It is very easy for me to get all kinds of inspiring books for both online and offline. But, as for movies, they are quite difficult for me to collect them.

At last, recently a friend introduced me to a very fantastic membership to help me fulfill my dream of having a inspiring library. It is a cinema circle where I’ll get 4 inspiring movies DVD every month delivered to my house. Sound very good right?!

The great thing is that I can have my first month membership FREE for all 4 films in a DVD, where I only pay for the shipment fees.

I’m now waiting for my DVD to arrive at my place. Can’t wait too long for them ^_^ Hope to share with you later about the movies very soon.

Enjoy Your Day!

P/S: You can check it out at:

PPS: Here I have a quote for you all…

“You must know that in any moment a decision
you make can change the course of your life
forever… the very next movie you see or book
you read or page you turn could be the one single
thing that causes the floodgates to open, and all
of the things that you’ve been waiting for to fall
into place.”

– Anthony Robbins, author & motivational speaker


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