Posted by: Xue Wen | November 3, 2006

Salt Bath…

My friend and I had been practice this method for few years. And it really works…..

From “The Secret”…

Everything in the universe is energy. It can neither be created nor be distroyed. Always was and always has been. Always in and always out of form. It only changes it form.

From other point of view… 

Energy or ‘Qi’ controls our energy anatomy or so called energy body. There are positive and negative energy.

By meditation, positive thinking, affirmation and others method can help me gain more positive energy. At the same time, being more positive. Happy, love, joys… are positive emotions that give me positive energy.

While, jealousy, sadness, angry… are negative emotions that generate negative energy. So, how do I get rid of negative  energy? Accumulating negative energy can lead illness…

One of the way that my friend, Yin Peng and I have been practicing is… taking salt bath.

Just use a bit of the natural sea salt to scrap whole body. Or just dissolve it in water and rinse whole body. But still remember to rinse your body again with water… ^_^

We always feel fresh and energetic after taking the salt bath. You can try it out yourself. Do share with me, how do you feel after the salt bath. OK?


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