Posted by: Xue Wen | November 1, 2006

“My Virtual Seminar Week”…

I’d just sign up for a seminar – Virtual Seminar. It’s going to be for the entire week, from 10th of November till 17th of November. Although I personally not yet attend it, I’m still very excited to share with you and others.

 For the first time ever, over 49 top leaders, trainers, and inspirational luminaries are going to talk in this virtual seminar week. The event is for entire week, but I’m not going to pay for the airfare, hotel expenses, and also meals. It really help me to save a lot, just to listen to 49 viritual seminar speakers. I can also listen in my own comfort.

Since it’s going to be the entire week, and it’s going to happen in US time, (where I can’t listen to each call), I’d sign up for the Gold package. It includes the mp3 recordings and also all the transcriptions. I can listen to the mp3 repeatable.

My friend also join me for the virtual seminar. I’d ask her why she choose to join this virtual seminar. Guess what! Her reason was –>> Law of Attraction <<

Imagine that having 49 leaders, trainer, and luminaries repeatly speaking at my ear, without fail. There always be positive energy around me. By Law of Atrraction, I attract more positive energy, more positive things to happen.

 That’s what I feel like saying about this virtual seminar…

 Come and join me! Get inspired! Get attracted to what we want! Let’s celebrate…

Join me here! –>> <<


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